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Piden legisladores al presidente Obama que no haga concesiones unilaterales con el régimen comunista de Cuba

jueves, 26 de marzo de 2009

Congresistas Albio Sires, Mario Díaz-Balart y Lincoln Díaz-Balart.
(Radio Marti) Legisladores republicanos y demócratas de Estados Unidos enviaron una carta al presidente Barack Obama, donde le piden que no haga concesiones unilaterales con el Gobierno de Cuba.

Con más desde Washington, Luis Alberto Muñoz.

2 comentarios:


If the embargo has not worked for the past God knows how many years, I don't think it' gonna start working now. There should be a new tactic into pursuing democracy in Cuba and forcing the Castro regime can start loosening it's grip and agree to grant the people certain basic rights. Although Communism is not about giving anything really... I think for Castro to make certain concessions he would have to stop being a Communist and I don't know if that will ever happen. But perhaps the key word here is force... Force is usually met by resistance. Now, I'm not saying we should have a tea party with Fidel, but there's just got to be another way.

And really they key figures here now is becoming Chavez and the Russians They are the only ones that can keep Cuba afloat now and Cuba has no objection to getting in bed with them.

~Zurama~ dijo...

Well Castro is a senile old man. His brother is a little younger, but still old. The problem is that for fifty years the regime has indoctrinated it's citizens in school. So sure there is a lot of opposition, but then there is the people that they trained since a young age, who actually are part of the government. Those are the ones that repress the ones how ask for change and respect of basic human rights.

The embargo hasn't worked, because the US is mostly alone is this quest. The whole world kisses the Castro's behind without any second thought to the suffering of the thousands of political prisoners-200 of which are journalists by the way.

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